About Jeff Wagnon

Jeff Wagnon is known for his unparalleled work ethic, compassion and understanding approach to his clients.  His uniquely creative, no-nonsense approach to advocacy has resulted in a loyal clientele and is a key component in fostering the tight knit relationships he has built with his clients and colleagues.

Mr. Wagnon is a 1990 graduate of the University of Tulsa, School of Law, where he served as Editor in Chief of the Energy Law Journal, and published in the 1988 Energy Law Journal. Mr. Wagnon also holds an MBA from St. Louis University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Oklahoma State University.

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Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer and DUI / DWI Attorney in Bryan, Texas?

If you’re facing criminal charges or have been arrested for a DWI in Bryan, Texas, you’ll want a qualified lawyer representing your interests. Criminal charges carry heavy consequences in Texas. You could lose your driver’s license, lose your ability to access certain federal and state services and programs, and you could face having a criminal record shadowing you for the rest of your life. Individuals who have been found guilty of crimes in Texas may have difficulty getting jobs in the future.

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The law offers important protections to individuals who have been charged with crimes in Bryan, Texas. You are innocent until proven guilty and you have the right to remain silent when being questioned. You also have the right to ask to speak to a criminal defense lawyer if you are being arrested. Don’t risk your reputation, your future, and your freedom. Contact the Wagnon Law Group, PLLC today if you are facing criminal charges in Bryan, Texas.

Our firm will take the time to closely evaluate your case, the evidence gathered against you, and the circumstances of your arrest. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, this can be a frightening and stressful time. You don’t have to navigate the legal system alone. The Wagnon Law Group, PLLC will review your options and help you find the best path forward for your circumstances.

What to Know If You’ve Been Charged with a DWI in Bryan, Texas

If you are stopped on suspicion of a DWI in Bryan, Texas, officers are granted immense powers when it comes to gathering evidence against you. Refusing to submit to a breath test in Texas can result in an automatic 180 day license suspension. Your refusal to take the test can also be used against you in court. If you are facing DWI charges in Bryan, Texas, it is important to speak to a DWI lawyer as soon as possible. A DWI lawyer can review how you were arrested and stopped. Our firm can take a look at your options. In some cases we can have charges reduced or even dropped. Contact the Wagnon Law Group, PLLC today to protect your rights and understand your options.

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Our thorough understanding of complex tax law and comprehensive knowledge of tax implications for individuals and small businesses allows us to provide the highest quality legal guidance and advocacy to yield results nationwide.

Our services range from state and federal tax return preparation to IRS problems such as levies, audits, account seizures, wage levies, criminal tax issues, civil and criminal forfeiture proceedings, tax appeals, IRS trust fund taxes, IRS tax court litigation, tax liens, and offers in compromise.

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WAGNON LAW GROUP, PLLC helps individuals, families and businesses with their financial problems. We specialize in Chapter 7, 11 & 13 Bankruptcies.

We can analyze your financial situation and help determine which Chapter is best for you. We have helped hundreds of Texans get rid of debt, reduce debt, & reorganize their debt through bankruptcy.

Call us today for a FREE face-to-face consultation. LEARN MORE about how we can help you work through your bankruptcy situation.